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ABOUT Auto Shipping Pro is the only company to have loyal customers each year because of our excellence in service and understanding. We know our customers very well especially in South Florida and we have a lot of repeat customers. There are discount offers for loyal customers who always use our service to transport their vehicle with us each year.

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Did you know how to choose the appropriate auto transport company?

It is annoying how you have to go through calling the auto transport company one by one each year and still have to compare their rates after that. Here in we have the most competitive prices than the other companies – prices start at 400$ and we have provided services beyond that. Booking with an auto shipping company you haven’t known yet could cost you a lot of time since there are details you will need to ask before you can make a deal. But here Auto shipping company provide you the best price along with excellent service, reliability, quality, and transparency.

Only through us, you won’t need to worry about getting excellent services with a very friendly price. Our auto transport company commitment is to serve you to the fullest while maintaining our contract. We prioritize your satisfaction and safety over anything else!


Call us at 201-367-8111 and get the best deal ever in the town!


Safely transport your vehicle with our auto shipping company

There never been an auto shipping so easy and practical before, best auto shipping company. acts by connecting you to with auto transport service providers. Transport any vehicle you own with our most excellent service and friendly price range. You just need to enter the make, model and year of your vehicle in Booking section or Calculate button from the top of the page or bellow  and clicking the yellow “Check Now” button. You will then receive instant rates from transporters that you can choose to book, or if you prefer, you can choose to create a listing to be bid on by continuing through our listing process.

You can include any details you want and ask them for theirs later on without having to go through the phone book one by one. Here you gain full control of the type of services you want, the carriers, and any other specific needs.

It doesn’t matter if you book instantly or just create a listing for the first time, it is completely free. If you’re excited to know about the price range to ship a car, truck, or van you can visit our cost-to-ship section which includes hundreds of completed  vehicle shipments to all over US.

Do not forget to do a proper research for each provider before you book your shipment.  provides you with written feedbacks for any auto transport providers listed on our site. Review their feedbacks, check into their insurance coverage and research more about the transporters in their profile page.

You should know really well about the service you will use for your cars. If you want to ship a used car then it will be cheapest to choose the open cargo, but of course, you will not want that kind of service for much luxurious car like lamborghini. An enclosed trailer is a good option to consider for high value vehicles that you don’t want exposed to the elements.

How To Prepare Your Vehicle For Transport

There are some things you need to prepare first before the shipment begins. The main thing is you need to empty the tank as much as possible so that there won’t be much safety hazards, you can try by riding your vehicle around before transporting. If your car has a fuel drip, then you should definitely tell the carriers so that they will do something to prevent the fluid leaked and cause fire and safety hazards

If you have any slippery substance leaks such as coolant and oil, it could cause the carrier and you some harm. Make sure that you clean out every item you have from the car and make sure that any loose parts inside and outside the car are secured. In case you want to be safer, then just take a photo of all sides of your car before the shipping process and note any damages exist pre-shipment.

Race cars and sports cars alike have very low ground clearance and can be damaged during the loading and unloaded process. It would be better to give note of your car as modified and make note of the ground clearance including the front bumper, undercarriage and rear bumper/exhaust.

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